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What is the best paper for Goldfaber Sketch Markers?

Goldfaber Sketch Markers contain alcohol-based, dye stuff inks that are fast-drying, water-resistant, smudge proof, acid-free, pH-neutral and permanent once dry.

Alcohol markers commonly bleed through standard paper types. To achieve optimal results, it's advisable to use Marker Paper. Since each artist has a unique drawing style, there isn't a universal paper that works perfectly for everyone. Some brands may perform better than others, and it's beneficial to experiment with different options. When selecting the ideal paper for alcohol markers, factors beyond weight or thickness come into play. The interaction between the paper fibers and ink upon contact significantly influences outcomes, particularly during color layering and blending. Therefore, testing various papers is recommended to determine the one that best complements your artistic approach.

Please note: If you choose to use Goldfaber Sketch Markers in journals or sketchbooks, please test the markers to make sure the ink will not bleed through your pages.