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Pitt Artist Pen - Features & Benefits

Unlike other art pens or markers which are alcohol and dye-based, Pitt Artist Pens are 100% pigmented India ink. They are non-toxic, and odorless. The ink is lightfast and permanent when fully dry on porous surfaces. They are extremely fade-resistant, archival, pH-neutral, acid-free, smudge proof and waterproof when dry.

The brush pens are available in 60 colors. Metallic pens (1.5mm) are available in 6 colors. Pitt Artist Pen Dual Markers are available in 30 colors. The plastic wallets are made of 100% recycled plastic material.

The pens are not marketed as fabric pens. If used on fabric, it should be displayed as artwork and not washed. Due to the nature of the fabric, washing may cause the ink to fade. The ink of the Pitt Artist Pen enhances the special character of the paper itself. The artist can take advantage of this when drawing. Almost any type of paper is suitable: watercolor paper, drawing paper or tracing paper and similar. The ink will not bleed through paper and the pens are therefore ideal for sketch books.

The Pitt Artist Pen can be used for precise work, but also in an experimental way. New means of expression come about when the ink comes in contact with wet areas. Once dry, the area can be further worked on with Pitt Artist Pens or other media.

Pitt Artist Pens are not refillable and the tips are not replaceable.

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** Please be aware that there was a design change made to the product
In 2019/2020, the Pitt Artist Pen experienced a design change. The pens now say Pitt Artist Pen and the tip size after. Example: Pitt Artist Pen brush, Pitt Artist Pen calligraphy etc. The product itself has not changed. It is still the same high-quality product. It simply looks slightly different.
Pitt Artist Pen old v new

What's So Special About the Brush Tip of a Pitt Artist Pen?
The brush point of the Pitt Artist Pen does not get "thready" because compared to fiber tip pens a completely different technology is used. The tip can be described as a sponge where the pigments are flowing throughout its pores. It is made of highly flexible nylon, that jumps back in shape even after high amounts of pressure are applied.

Pitt Artist Pen 1.5mm Is Ready-to-Use!
The Pitt Artist Pens with a 1.5mm bullet nib do not require shaking our pumping as a lacquer or paint pen may. In fact, in doing so, you will most likely damage the pen.
Do not prime or pump the nib of the pen. The pens are ready-to-use.

Pitt Artist Pen Fude Nibs
What is a fude nib and how do you use it?
The term "fude" is a Japanese term meaning brush. The fude medium and hard nibs are really stable brush nibs. Fude nibs are particularly suited for lettering, sketch notes and bullet journaling. The nibs are easy to control, especially for beginners. There is a steady ink flow when writing constantly and slowly. The fude nibs are not suitable for quick sketches as the ink flow will break off in between. Compared to the original brush nibs, the fude nibs are a little shorter. Therefore, the design is more stable with better durability for constant ink flow, razor-sharp lines and no line imperfections.

How to Properly Store a Pitt Artist Pen
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens contain pigments that spread equally when stored horizontally. Avoid storing top down because pigments will sink down to the tip and cause an issue with ink flow. The same is true for top up, there will most likely be an issue with ink flow due to incorrect storage.
All Pitt Artist Pens should be stored in a horizontal position when not in use.

Pitt Artist Pens Do Not Require Fixing
The India ink is permanent on porous surfaces and does not require fixing. There is no need to apply varnish over the Pitt Artist Pen ink since it is both waterproof and lightfast. If you decide that you wish to apply varnish once the ink is dry, please test a small area to make sure you are able to achieve your desired results.

Acrylic Paints Can Be Used With Pitt Artist Pens
The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens can be used with acrylic paints. Acrylic backgrounds may alter the original pen color however.

You Can Create Gradients With the Pitt Artist Pen
You can layer inks and create gradients, even light colors on dark colors to some degree with the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen.