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Pitt Artist Pen - Lettering, Calligraphy & More

Features & Benefits of the Pitt Artist Pen
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens (Introduced in the year 2000) are used daily by artists worldwide for illustrations, fashion design, life drawings, portraits, sequential art, hand lettering, paper crafting, canvas paintings and more!

Unlike other art pens or markers which are alcohol and dye-based, Pitt Artist Pens are 100% India ink. They are non-toxic and odorless. The ink is lightfast and permanent when fully dry on porous surfaces. They are extremely fade-resistant, archival, acid-free, smudge proof and waterproof when dry. The pens are not marketed as fabric pens. If used on fabric, it should be displayed as artwork and not washed. Due to the nature of the fabric, washing may cause the ink to fade. The ink of the Pitt Artist Pen enhances the special character of the paper itself. The artist can take advantage of this when drawing. Almost any type of paper is suitable: watercolor paper, drawing paper or tracing paper and similar. The ink will not bleed through paper.

The Pitt Artist Pen can be used for precise work, but also in an experimental way. New means of expression come about when the ink comes in contact with wet areas. Once dry, the area can be further worked on with Pitt Artist Pens or other media.

Pitt Artist Pens are not refillable and the tips are not replaceable.

Learn more about Pitt Artist Pens in the Brochure!

India Ink Characteristics & Info
India ink was first invented in China as early as 2500 BC, during Neolithic China. The term India ink however, was coined by the English due to the later trade with India. Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition. It lends drawings expression and durability and can also be combined with many other drawing techniques. This includes being painted over with transparent colors without smudging as India ink is waterproof when dry. Other characteristics include high light resistance, odor-free, acid-free and pH neutral.

Pitt Artist Pen - White
Rich, opaque white, permanent and odorless India ink. The ink is easy to build and layer to provide variations of opacity and shade. Excellent for use on dark surfaces and for adding contrast to projects. The pens are perfect for hand lettering or drawing. Ink is immediately visible and will not fade over time. Waterproof when dry, the Pitt Artist White Pen is the perfect choice for mixed media pieces! The sizes include big bullet, 1.5 mm bullet, a 2.5 mm chisel and brush nibs for thick to more precise drawing and writing.

Check out the Pitt Artist Pen White Brochure!

Pitt Artist Pen - Metallic
The metallic India ink pens are currently available in 6 colors: green, blue, ruby, copper, silver and gold. The 1.5 mm bullet nib does not require pumping or priming. The pens are non-toxic, odorless, water-resistant, lightfast and archival. They work beautifully on all types of papers and even canvas.

How to Identify the Tip/Nib Size of the Pitt Artist Pen
Each Pitt Artist Pen has the size indicated on the pen. You will find this detail on the end of the cap and at the end of the pen barrel.

B = Brush and Big Brush
1 to 5mm and 1 to 8mm.
Available in 60 bold, rich colors plus the new white addition.

SB = Soft Brush
0.5 to 5mm
Available in 11 colors: Dark Indigo, Light Indigo, Cold Grey VI, Warm Grey V, Warm Grey IV, Cold Grey IV, Cold Grey III, Warm Grey III, Cold Grey I, and Warm Grey I.

SC = Soft Chisel
1 to 3mm
Available in Black.

M = Medium
Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

F =Fine
Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

S = Superfine
Available in 8 colors: Phthalo Blue, Orange Glaze, Middle Purple Pink, Magenta, Cobalt Green, May Green, Deep Scarlet Red and Indanthrene Blue.

XS = Extra Superfine
Available in Black.

C = Calligraphy
Available in 14 colors: White, Green Gold, Sanguine, Pink Carmine, Magenta, Indanthrene Blue, War Grey III, Chromium Green Opaque, Raw Umber, Dark Sepia, Walnut Brown, Nougat, Warm Grey IV and Black.

1.5 = Bullet
Available in 8 Colors: Black, White and Metallics - Gold, Silver, Copper, Ruby, Blue and Green.

2.5 = Bullet
Available in White.

Storing a Pitt Artist Pen
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens contain pigments that spread equally when stored horizontally. Avoid storing top down because pigments will sink down to the brush tip and cause an issue with ink flow. The same is true for top up, there will most likely be an issue with ink flow due to incorrect storage.

All Pitt Artist Pens should be stored in a horizontal position with the cap securely closed when not in use.