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Soft Pastel - Features & Benefits

Pastel crayons have been used as a drawing medium since the 15th century. The term "pastel" is derived from the Italian word "pasta" (dough), because in the past pigments used to be kneaded into a dough with the aid of a binding agent.

Unlike color pencils that adhere to just about all types of paper, they require a drawing background of a certain roughness. Pastel crayons are therefore mainly used for surfaces covering painting on soft, fine-grained or velvety velour paper or on heavy paper with a coarse-grained surface. They can be fully wiped.

It is also possible to draw on stone or asphalt. This attribute extends the pastel crayon's application options when compared with other products, e.g. color pencils.

Creative Studio Soft Pastels offer a very smooth color lay down for rich pastel effects, as well as great blending characteristics. Features include excellent color opacity, acid-free and archival quality.

Full length pastels available in packages of 12, 24 and 36
Half length pastels available in packages of 24, 48 and 72

Fixing is recommended.

Learn how to draw with Faber-Castell Soft Pastels!