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Quality & Safety

  • Terms of Guarantee - Faber-Castell Products

    Faber-Castell USA -Terms of Guarantee Guarantee coverage for Faber-Castell Brands: Graf von Faber-Castell, Fine Writing, General Writing, Art & Graphic, Creative Studio and Playing & Learning. For Creativity for Kids and CRAFTIVITY, please see Quality Promise/Guarantee for details. Faber...
  • Quality Promise - Creativity for Kids & CRAFTIVITY Products

    Faber-Castell USA believes in enriching lives through creativity and self-expression. We are determined to provide best in class products and services. The products are thoughtfully-designed, age appropriate and on-trend. With responsible development, sourcing and testing, the products are certif...
  • MSDS

    Due to proprietary information we are not able to publish our Material Safety Data Sheets on our website. We generally do not provide MSDS information to the public. We do however supply physicians and school nurses with this information if for some reason it is required. Please contact us at ms...
  • Allergies In General

    As with any allergy concern, if you are not sure if a product contains materials that you or your family are allergic to, we recommend not using the product. If you do not locate the answer to your question in this section, for details regarding specific Creativity for Kids ingredients, please c...
  • Responsible Development, Sourcing & Testing

    (Source - Jan - Mar 2014 I Phyllis Brody - Creativity for Kids Co-founder The Creativity for Kids Brand name says it all. Bringing our products to market involves creativity, problem-solving and a lot more. The process is a mixture of blue sky dreaming, hands-on experimentation, co...
  • Animal Product & Testing

    Are Faber-Castell Products Vegan?Faber-Castell is not using animal based ingredients with the exception of Beeswax Crayons which contain natural beeswax. The wax is harvested sustainably and the hive and bees are left unharmed. Some of our Creativity for Kids craft kits contain naturally fallen ...
  • Age Specification & Parental Assistance

    We refer to the ASTM standards for age grading of our children’s products and also age appropriateness of the craft. Creativity for Kids Recommended Age Range When Phyllis & Evelyn created the Creativity for Kids Brand in the mid 70's, they wanted to do things differently, not for the sake o...
  • Faber-Castell Erasers are PVC & Latex-Free

    All erasers found in the Art & Graphic and Playing & Learning Brands are PVC and Latex-Free.
  • Gluten-free Clay Included!

    The easy-to-use clay found in Creativity for Kids craft kits is gluten-free. The following kits include non-drying modeling clay: Create with Clay Dinosaurs Create with Clay Mythical Creatures Make Your Own Water Globes - Under the Sea Make Your Own Water Globes - Sweet Treats Make Your Own Holid...
  • Creativity for Kids - Cosmetic & Body Kits

    The components found in the Creativity for Kids cosmetic and body kits are safety tested, non-toxic and safe. The products come from a certified/safety tested cosmetic supplier, not a toy supplier. The child friendly, water-based nail polish found across our nail art and spa kits, Make Your Own ...
  • Creativity for Kids - Latex Gloves Are Not Used in Production

    Our manufacturing facilities use latex-free gloves while assembling Creativity for Kids creative activity kits.
  • Playing & Learning - Beeswax Crayons Packaging Contains Soy

    The ink on the label of the package and on the paper wrapper of the crayons contain soy. If there is a soy allergy, please do not use the Beeswax Crayons found in the following kits: 12, 24 and 240ct. Beeswax Crayons Young Artist Coloring Gift Set Color & Learn Alphabet Flash Cards Do Art Tr...
  • Playing & Learning - Crayons, Oil Pastels & Watercolor Pencils

    Faber-Castell does not use peanut, nut based oils or components in any of the Playing & Learning Crayon, Oil Pastel and Watercolor Pencil products.
  • Playing & Learning - Poster, Tempera and Finger Paints

    The Playing & Learning Poster, Tempera and Finger Paints do not contain starch, gluten or food products.
  • Art & Graphic - Pitt Products Are Gluten-Free

    All Faber-Castell Pitt products do not contain gluten. This includes the following: Pitt Pastel Pencils and Crayons Pitt Artist Pens Pitt Graphite Pure Woodless Pencils Pitt Graphite Crayons Pitt Monochrome Compressed and Natural Charcoal Pencils Pitt Natural and Compressed Charcoal Sticks
  • Art & Graphic - Polychromos Pencils & Pastel Crayons

    Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists' Pencils and Pastel Crayons do not contain Methylchloroisotheozolinone, Methylisothezolinone or Lanolin. The Polychromos Artists' Pastel Crayons do not contain gluten, peanuts, nuts or nut oils as well.
  • Art & Graphic - Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils

    Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils are PVC and gluten-free.
  • Creative Studio - Gelatos

    Gelatos do not contain ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol.
  • Creative Studio - Soft Pastels

    The Soft Pastels found in our Creative Studio Brand do not contain gluten.  They do not contain peanuts or any other nuts or nut oils. They do not contain latex, eggs, shellfish or sesame. The raw materials are synthetic or based on plants. Faber-Castell Soft Pastels do not contain lead. The pro...