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Age Specification & Parental Assistance

We refer to the ASTM standards for age grading of our children’s products and also age appropriateness of the craft.

Creativity for Kids Recommended Age Range
When Phyllis & Evelyn created the Creativity for Kids Brand in the mid 70's, they wanted to do things differently, not for the sake of being different but for their love of creativity in all ways. When they first started out they took a tongue in cheek approach. In addition to developing the lively logo for the packaging, they added photos of themselves as little girls to bring personality to the brand and whimsically listed the age specification as 6 to 96. For many years, this was a fun way of communicating the age appropriateness of the craft to parents, guiding them as they made their purchasing decisions for their children.

As time has passed, we've come to realize that it is time to make a change. The products that we offer are designed and tested to be worked independently or as a family activity. The fun graphics on the outside of the package invite people of all ages to the fun and whimsy that still lives strongly inside. In 2020/2021 we will retire the original age specification created by Phyllis & Evelyn and update it to the 6+ format.

Parental Assistance - Children's Brands
Although a child within a products specified age should be able to work the project, parents should read all instructions prior to children beginning a project and assist them if/when a grown up helper is needed. We recommend never leaving children unattended.

To ensure a positive creative experience when working with our products (as with any children’s art or craft project) we recommend covering your work surface and wearing old clothing, a craft smock or apron. Materials should be ready and set out or arranged so that children can access them easily to prevent spills or mishaps.