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The Difference Between Inks

Ink - Liquid vs. Paste
The writing inks differ mainly in viscosity.

Ink: Thin medium, comparable to water. Inks are used for very fine, fluid and easy writing. Fountain and rollerball pens use liquid inks.

Paste: Thick like honey, highly viscous. Pastes have a high shelf life and can be used without caps to prevent drying. Ballpoint pens use paste.

Fountain Pen Ink
Each one of our vibrant ink colors require its own formula and the highest quality ingredients. The document proof (indelible) colors are smudge-resistant, lightfast, waterproof, cannot be reproduced or erased and are resistant to many chemicals and solvents.

It is recommended to use Faber-Castell Fountain Inks exclusively with our pens for best performance. If used with unsuitable ink, the instrument may be adversely affected causing damage to the feed. In these cases, part or repair charges may apply and warranty may be voided.

Always use fresh ink. We recommend a cleaning every three months, any time an ink color is changed, or when the instrument is not in use for an extended period of time.

The correct converter to use for Fine Writing and General Writing Fountain Pens is 148785. Please check refill instructions for information on pens that come with a converter vs. sold separately.

Additional colors found in the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection are also suitable for fountain pens found in Faber-Castell Fine Writing and General Writing Brands.

Rollerball Pen Ink
The rollerball pen combines the advantages of the fountain and ballpoint pen. The rollerball refill contains liquid ink which is smoother and has a fluid, wet feel as opposed to a ballpoint. The Large-capacity refills have a ceramic tip, the ink is water-based and quick-drying.

Rollerball and ballpoint refills are not interchangeable. Rollerball refills are interchangeable with FineWriter refills and can be used in all Faber-Castell Fine-Writing and General Writing Rollerball and FineWriter Pens.

FineWriter Pen Ink
FineWriter refills feature a super smooth cushioned point which ensures complete writing comfort and a particularly smooth writing experience. The ink is water-based, quick-drying – Black and Turquoise are permanent; Blue and Pink are erasable.

FineWriter and ballpoint refills are not interchangeable.
FineWriter and rollerball refills are interchangeable and can be used in all Fine Writing and General Writing Rollerball and FineWriter Pens.

Ballpoint Pen Ink
The international large capacity ballpoint refill has a more controlled feel compared to a rollerball. At the tip of the ball rolls a ball socket supplied with ink paste. As the ball provides closure of the ink at the tip, no cap or other device is required to prevent the ink from drying out.

Ballpoint pens are ready to write immediately after placing the tip on the paper. They may need to be "brought back to life" by a few vigorous strokes at times. The stroke of a ballpoint pen is in most cases indelible i.e. document proof and cannot be erased.

Once again, rollerball/finewriter and ballpoint refills are not interchangeable.