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Do Art Clay Kits - Why Your Kids Should Be Playing with Clay + Tips and Info

There are 3 Major Benefits to Playing with Clay
It's therapeutic. Simply the act of molding clay in one's hands whether you're a child or an adult can be very calming. Remember those stress balls that were once so popular? Manipulating the clay can help relieve stress or even be an outlet for young children who physically express their emotions.
It's an outstanding sensory development activity for little hands. Young children are still working on fine motor skills and dexterity. Rolling, squeezing and forming the clay helps them in this area.
It's play based learning. You might not realize it, but playing with clay is promoting those little minds to get busy by thinking about what they're going to create and how they're going to create it. This type of creative play promotes imaginative problem-solving skills. Kids, of course, think it's just plain fun.
By Christine Arreola

Do Art Clay Kits are Gluten-free
The Playing & Learning Do Art Clay Kits include vibrantly colored, gluten-free modeling clay that is easy to mold and blend. Working with the clay helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The clay never dries out and is re-workable which provides for endless creativity!

Handling and Storing the Clay
For best results, be sure to wash hands before and after creating. If hands are dried out (not moisturized) this may cause slight staining of the skin. This is temporary and washing with soap and water after play will remove the color. Repeat washing in some cases may be necessary.
Although the clay is non-drying, store it in a plastic bag when not in use to keep clean.

Tips for Removing Clay from Fabric
What you will need:
     Clean White Tissue Paper
     Clothes Iron
     Detergent and Water
     Blow Dryer
Place a few pieces of tissue paper (approximately 3 to 4 sheets) on top of the area where the clay is on the fabric. Place a hot clothes iron on top the tissue paper and hold in place for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the iron and the tissue paper, then rub the fabric together to remove any excess clay left. Once clay is removed, hand wash the fabric with soap or detergent under running water. Rub the soap into the fabric and rinse. Continue this step until you are satisfied the clay/stain is removed. Once completely removed, blow dry. Do not dry fabric until you are satisfied the color is removed.