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Do Art Pottery Studio - Refills, Cleaning & Info

Clay & Paint Refills
The Do Art Pottery Studio #14595 includes 3lbs of non-toxic, premium synthetic, air-dry clay. When all of your pottery creations have been made and it's time to make more, Faber-Castell offers the Do Art Pottery Studio Refill kit #14596.
- The refill kit includes 2lbs of clay, 6 pots of non-toxic acrylic paint and a paint brush.
- Use with the Pottery Studio kit or without for hand building clay creations.

What to Know About the Clay
The natural clay will start drying as soon as it’s exposed to air.
- Store your unused clay in an airtight container or plastic zip bag.
- This clay will need to dry over night or even longer if you are in a humid temperature.
- It is fragile after drying and can easily break.
- Display like a piece of art in a place where it doesn’t get bumped to prevent damage.
- For decorative purposes only. Clay should not be used with food or drink.

What to Know About the Paint
This paint is a non-toxic acrylic paint that will wash off skin with soap and water but may stain other surfaces.
- To protect your work surface, lay down newspaper or an old towel where you will be working.
- Have water and a towel handy to clean up any spills.
- Wear a smock, apron or play clothes to work in so you don’t ruin nice clothes.
- Before painting, mix the paint as it may settle or separate over time.
- If the paint seems too thick, add a drop of water and stir.
- When changing colors, rinse and dry your brush to keep colors from mixing in the pots.

What to Know About Using Your Pottery Wheel
- The Pottery Studio features USB or battery operation options. Use 3 C batteries or USB cord. Batteries are not included.
- The kit includes a USB cord. Plug the cord into your own USB port for power.
- Remove batteries when using the USB cord.
- When using batteries there is an option to operate the machine on 2 speeds.
- When using the USB cord, there is only 1 speed option.

Cleaning Your Pottery Wheel
*Adult assistance is recommended
In order to remove the pottery wheel plate, you will need 2 flat edged disposable cutlery utensils.
- Locate the indentations on top of your wheel.
- Insert your tools into the space between the wheel; one on each side.
- Apply equal pressure to gently lift off the plate.
- Use warm soapy water and a little scrubbing to remove the clay.
  Reminder... clay should not be placed down the drain.
- Once clean and dry, snap the plate back onto the wheel.