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What's So Special About the Pencil?

What Other Writing Instrument Can Claim to be Such An All-Rounder?
There are many arguments in favor of the "good old lead pencil", which of course should really be the graphite pencil. It's economical and environment-friendly, and it lasts for hundreds of years.

We will not be able to stop the use of PC's, laptops and phones. Even so, in the decades to come people will still be writing, drawing and coloring by hand. Research shows that children have to use their hands in order to develop their mental abilities - so our carefully developed products are important from an educational point of view. Children all over the world learn to write with a writing instrument; later in life it is indispensable for all kinds of notes, sketches and drafts - for everything, in fact.

Despite the introduction of ink writing instruments and computers, traditional lead pencil writing has lost none of its fascination. This is not least due to the many advantages of pencil writing. There are various scopes of application for wood-cased pencils:

  • A pencil stroke is erasable and thus correctable.
  • Pencil Writing is environmentally friendly, since all materials used in manufacture are of "natural" origin. Moreover, wood is a renewable natural resource.
  • A pencil writes in and under water, in a vacuum and upside down.
  • Pencil writing is absolutely non-toxic, because all ingredients used in manufacture consist of entirely safe substances (clay, graphite, wood, water-based lacquer).
  • Pencils can be used on extremely cold and hot days, as the lead does not react to temperature fluctuations.
  • Pencils are always "ready-to-write" and can even be sharpened with a knife.
  • And more...