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The Fascination of Writing in Pencil

The success of the Faber-Castell Brand is due partly to the rediscovered attraction of writing in pencil.

The American author Owen Edwards captures this idea with his poetic description of the pencil as the instrument on which the music of the soul is played.

The pencil, with its long tradition in writing culture, is a symbol of writing and drawing. No other writing instrument is as simple and universal, as undemanding, useful and timeless as the pencil. Around four hundred years after its invention, it remains the world's most commonly used writing instrument, and the tool of choice for creative individuals.

The pencil has undoubtedly been used to outline more of the ideas which shaped and changed the world than any other writing instrument. Pencil strokes are erasable, thereby removing the pressure of irrevocability from spontaneous and impulsive ideas. It is no surprise that pencils are so popular among writers and musicians, graphic artists, designers and architects. Pencils are economical and environmentally friendly in an amazingly contemporary way - and are also a model of understatement.

A well-balanced product like the pencil, with its convincing simplicity and authenticity, resembles a loyal friend, who gives you more than you ever expected. Perhaps this is why it inspires such a special affection in us.