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Donation Requests

As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of donation requests from organizations located all over the world. As much as we’d like to, we cannot donate product to every cause.

We believe in enriching lives through creativity and self-expression and in giving back. Below, please find our national and local charities.

Faber-Castell USA Charitable Causes

  • American Art Therapy Association Campaign - As our company’s National Charity, we provide art products that can be used during art therapy and during classes for those learning to become art therapists. We also have a link on our website that allows consumers to choose to donate towards the American Art Therapy Association.
  • Cleveland Kids in Need Donation of Goods - As our company’s Local Charity, we provide arts, crafts, coats, gloves, and any other supply they may be looking for to be available for our city’s kids in need.

Please note, we are unable to accommodate individual donation requests. If you are interested in receiving a sample, please read more here.