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General Information - Miscellaneous

Porsche Design
Effective January 1, 2011, Chartpak Inc. will be handling all customer and pen repair services for the Porsche Design Brand.
Please contact Chartpak, Inc. directly.
Chartpak, Inc.
One River Road
Leeds, MA 010531-800-628-1910 ext. 240

Slide Rulers
Slide Rulers have been discontinued for some time now. There is currently no distribution channel for them and the product is no longer in the scope of Faber-Castell.

Staplers were sold to another company many years ago. The contact information that we had is no longer active. We have no information on staplers, parts or who to contact unfortunately. We suggest searching online.

Electric Erasers
We do not distribute electric erasers or eraser strip refills. This is an older product that was sold to another company many years ago. We have no information to provide due to the age of the transition unfortunately.