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Creativity for Kids - Logo

In 1976 the company was originally called Creative Art Activities. Phyllis and Evelyn used a script version of the logo which was fine, but they wanted a graphical way to express the spirit of fun and creativity of the brand. In 1980 the company started to use the name Creativity for Kids. In 1988 the lively yellow Creativity for Kids logo that you recognize today was developed.

The minute they developed the animated logo on the bright yellow background, they knew it was right for them. Yellow is a happy, kid-friendly color. It appeals to boys and girls and they felt that the new logo would communicate exactly what this brand was all about. Now, this distinctive logo is recognized by many parents and kids and has stood the test of time.

The particular color yellow that represents the Creativity for Kids Brand is trademarked. In 2000, the Faber-Castell logo was added and is still used today.

Creativity for Kids Logo