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#HatNotHate Quick Knit Loom

About #HatNotHate
Hat Not Hate is an anti-bullying campaign founded in 2018 by Shira Blumenthal, herself a victim of childhood bullying. The mission of #HatNotHate is to rally communities to raise awareness and stand up to bullying by making, wearing and sharing blue hats. The color blue represents solidarity and support of bullying prevention. They distribute donated hats collected throughout the year to schools across the country in the month of October, National Bullying Prevention Month.

  • In 2019, 23,117 hats were collected
  • Hats have been delivered to over 60 schools in 30 states
  • 13 countries and all 50 states have donated hats
  • The 2020 goal is to collect 100,000 hats

A Collaboration to Support an Important Cause
As one in four children are the victims of bullying, we wanted to find a meaningful way to educate and empower our young “craftivists” to stand up to bullying. To promote this important cause, we are proud to partner with Lion Brand Yarn, America's oldest craft yarn company - to launch the Creativity for Kids #HatNotHate Quick Knit Loom kit.

Knitting on a loom is easy and fun! The repetitive motions of knitting provide a calming, mindful craft experience. Knitting is also an independent activity that builds skills such as fine motor coordination, math, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Unlike traditional knitting or crochet, this weaving loom craft includes 180 yards of chunky blue Lion Brand yarn and allows kids as young as 7 to create their own hats - one to wear and one to give. The perfect opportunity for kids to become involved and participate in the #HatNotHate movement. Quality tools including a reusable 9” loom can be used again and again for future projects!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who receives the hats that are donated?
A: Donated blue hats will be given to select schools from around the country, all of which are participating in National Bullying Prevention Month throughout the month of October.

Q: Why do the hats need to be blue?
A: Blue is the color to wear in support of anti-bullying. It represents awareness, peace, and solidarity. Hats should be handmade and should be at least 75% blue.

Q: Where do I donate blue hats I make?
A: Please send your hats to:
     Hat Not Hate
     Lion Brand Yarn Co.
     140 Kero Rd.
     Carlstadt, NJ 07072

OR click here for Official Hat Not Hate Drop-off Locations

Q: What if I've missed the deadline to donate for this October?
A: No worries! Hats are collected all year round.

Q: I want to make more hats but I’m out of yarn. Where can I buy more?
A: The yarn included in the kit is a custom dye and the yarn is not sold separately. A variety of blue yarn can be purchased at local arts and crafts stores across the country. For Lion Brand Yarns – Hometown or Wool Ease Thick & Quick would be great substitutes. Yarn weight #6 (Super Bulky) or #5 (Bulky). Lion Brand Yarns can be found at and or