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World Colors - Celebrate Creativity, Inclusion & Self-expression

World Colors by Faber-Castell celebrates creativity, inclusion and self-expression. All children should have art materials that allow them to not only express themselves, but also personally identify with the portraiture of their selves, their friends and their families. World Colors offers children of all ethnicities the ability to express themselves and capture their likeness authentically. We believe that children who can draw themselves realistically are able to improve their self-esteem and develop a strong identity.

Traditional + Skin Tone Colored Pencils
We have added 6 skin tone colors to a traditional color set, which offers unlimited creative opportunities for hair and eye color, freckles, braces, glasses, clothing, scenes etc. Word Colors is a valuable, creative tool supporting the important phase of self-discovery within adolescence.

Developed with the Know-how of Makeup Experts
Faber-Castell is one of the largest suppliers of eye, lip and face cosmetic pencils for leading makeup brands in the world. Developed with the know-how of Faber-Castell cosmetic experts, the 6 skin tone colors can be blended together - making it possible to create a wide variety of nuances. We have developed a unique formulation for these pencils to be intermixable in order to generate more combinations.

Watch the Video! Faber-Castell World Colors: Celebrating Equality and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom