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Tallest Pencil in the World

The tallest pencil in the world measures 64.8 ft. tall and 2 ft. 7 ½ in. in diameter!

Since November of 2002 it stands in a glass tower at Faber-Castell Malaysia. This colossus, is a giant edition of the famous hexagonal green Castell 9000 Pencil. To celebrate the opening of the Faber-Castell Malaysian subsidiary's headquarters, they unveiled the world's largest genuine pencil. Hundreds of customers, dignitaries and employees were invited to attend. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records were also among the guests and confirmed that the super pencil would be mentioned in the next edition.

The pencil was manufactured in Germany and then shipped to Malaysia where it stands today.  Altogether this super pencil was manufactured in 7,029 working hours. Each half was built up layer by layer from native wood, before the lead could be let into its groove. The polymer lead had previously been specially made in Germany and shipped to Malaysia. The pencil is protected from the weather by an elegant lass construction, and stands beside the lobby of the factory building in Subang Jaya.

Although the pencil can actually write, the standard size version of the Castell 9000 is perfect for drawing, sketching and writing and is much easier to manage!