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Faber-Castell & Creativity for Kids - An Acquisition

It was the Creativity for Kids Mission Statement that connected Faber-Castell and Creativity for Kids. 

Walking through the National Association of Art Materials trade show in the mid 1990's, Count Faber-Castell stopped at the Creativity for Kids booth.

Initially, he was drawn in by the colorful, innovative and creative products that were on display. When he saw the mission statement, which was posted prominently in the booth, he decided that there was a powerful compatibility between Creativity for Kids and the Faber-Castell company's new Children's Premium Art Product line. The products were enjoying huge success around the world, but had not yet been introduced into the U.S. market which was only familiar with the Faber-Castell professional art products and writing pencils. He tucked the brochure with the mission statement into his pocket and then, a few years later, contacted Phyllis and Evelyn to see if they were interested in affiliating. 

Both Phyllis and Evelyn had used Faber-Castell drawing pencils when they were in art school and knew first-hand about the excellent quality of the brand.  After meeting and sharing their common goals, Phyllis, Evelyn and Count Faber-Castell decided there would be real synergy if they merged.  

On November 2, 1999, Faber-Castell acquired Creativity for Kids and moved their Faber-Castell U.S. headquarters to Cleveland. Creativity for Kids creative activity kits are now sold around the world and Phyllis and Evelyn could not be happier that their vision became a reality. They both wanted to provide as many children as possible with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity.