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Color Name Changes

In 2019 Faber-Castell made a change to our "flesh and skin" color names.

There were also color name changes some time ago (prior to the year 2000). These colors were renamed in an effort to offer products that the artist is familiar with when working with other mediums in the market.

Name changes do not occur frequently and additional changes should not be expected. The quality and performance of the product itself remains the same and has not been altered.

Old Name Color Number New Name
Dark Flesh 130 Salmon
Medium Flesh 131 Coral
Light Flesh 132 Beige Red
Medium Skin (Pitt Artist Pen) 116 Apricot
Light Skin (Pitt Artist Pen) 114 Pale Pink
Geranium Lake 121 Pale Geranium Lake
Magenta 134 Crimson
Apple Green 170 May Green
Hunter Green 165 Juniper Green
Grey Green 172 Earth Green
Purple 194 Red-Violet
Umber 180 Raw Umber
Light Ochre 185 Naples Yellow
Zinc Yellow 104 Light Yellow Glaze
Lemon Cadmium 105 Light Cadmium Yellow
Light Chrome 106 Light Chrome Yellow
Lemon 107 Cadmium Yellow
Canary Yellow 108 Dark Cadmium Yellow
Orange Yellow 109 Dark Chrome Yellow
Tangerine 111 Cadmium Orange
Light Orange 113 Orange Glaze
Dark Orange 115 Dark Cadmium Orange
Vermillion 117 Light Cadmium Red
Scarlet Lake 118 Scarlet Red
Dark Carmine 126 Permanent Carmine
Light Carmine 127 Pink Carmine
Rose Madder Lake 128 Light Purple Pink
Wine Red 133 Magenta
Dark Magenta 125 Middle Purple Pink
Dark Violet 136 Purple Violet
Prussian Blue 151 Helioblue-Reddish
Deep Cobalt 143 Cobalt Blue
Light Cobalt Blue 144 Cobalt Blue-Greenish
Zinc Blue 110 Phthalo Blue
Dark Phthalo Blue 152 Middle Phthalo Blue
Oriental Blue 149 Bluish Turquoise
Night Green 155 Helio Turquoise
Peacock Blue 153 Cobalt Turquoise
Aquamarine 154 Light Cobalt Turquoise
Blue Green 156 Cobalt Green
Sea Green 158 Deep Cobalt Green
Viridian 161 Phthalo Green
True Green 162 Light Phthalo Green
Sap Green 167 Permanent Green Olive
Olive Green 173 Olive Green Yellowish
Moss Green 168 Earth Green Yellowish
Cedar Green 174 Chrome Green Opaque
Red Violet 135 Light Red-Violet
Golden Ochre 183 Light Yellow Ochre
Ochre 184 Dark Naples Ochre
Sepia Light 177 Walnut Brown
Indian 192 India