Free shipping on orders over $50 - Unauthorized Sales Void Manufacturer Warranty/Guarantee

When buying online, be aware that not all sellers on are authorized by Faber-Castell USA. Amazon defines third-party sellers as independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, refurbished and collectible merchandise. Third-party sellers have the ability to choose the price that they want to sell the product for and it is not a direct reflection of Faber-Castell USA. If you wish to purchase authentic Faber-Castell products that are backed by the manufacturer, please take caution and review the Faber-Castell USA Authorized Seller listing located in the footer of our website.
When purchasing from an unauthorized seller, any manufacturer warranty / guarantee is void. Defective complaints will not be honored by Faber-Castell USA, as the sale is not considered to be or acknowledged as a valid purchase by the manufacturer.