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Animal Product & Testing

Are Faber-Castell Products Vegan?
Faber-Castell is not using animal based ingredients with the exception of Beeswax Crayons which contain natural beeswax. The wax is harvested sustainably and the hive and bees are left unharmed.

Some of our Creativity for Kids craft kits contain naturally fallen feathers and naturally abandoned sea shells - in other words empty shells.

Leather Products & Accessories are found in our Graf von Faber-Castell and Fine Writing Brands.

Common questions:
The binder for the India ink in Pitt Artist Pens is a plastic dispersion resin. We are not using shellac or gelatin.
We use inorganic and synthetic pigments to achieve the color of “sepia”.
"Carbon black" is based on oil, coal or wood. We are not using black pigments based from animals (e. g. bones).

Please rest-assured, Faber-Castell does NOT test on animals!