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Hide & Seek Rock Painting - Rock Hiding Etiquette

Remember... Kindness Rocks!
Here are some rock hiding etiquette suggestions while you have fun creating and sharing positivity throughout your community.

First Things First, Respect!...
Ask for adult permission or assistance.
Always respect private property and never trespass.
Avoid landscaping, gardens or lawns. If you are not certain, make sure to ask for permission from the owner prior to placing them.
Place rocks in a safe place, visible to the finder. There should be no harm caused to the finder due to access. You want them to be found, but safely accessible.

Here are Some Suggestions on Where to Place Your Rocks
Sides of hiking/biking trails (not on direct path)
Teachers desk (even when home schooling!)
Principal's office, neighboring classroom
School garden
Bus stop
Join your local rock group for tips and ideas about where to hide and find rocks in your area!

Here are Some Areas to Avoid
Handing to strangers without permission (never!)
Unauthorized private/management property
Private lawns, gardens or any area of the like without permission
Water features or areas that could cause damage
Cemeteries (Many people love to hide rocks in cemeteries to remember loved ones. If you find rocks here, do not remove them.)
Beaches in the sand