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Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry - Crystal Growing Tips

If you are having trouble, please try some of the steps below that may help.

  1. Make sure the plastic container is clean. If you’re reheating an existing solution, there is no need to clean it out, but be sure there is no external dirt/dust/etc. If so, remove with a spoon before heating or mixing.
  2. If you tried using tap water without success, use the second packet with bottled/purified water. If you tried bottled/purified, try tap water.
  3. Make sure water is hot. If only warm, the powder may not dissolve as much as it should. If reheating, make sure you heat the water and crunch/stir up the existing crystals as much as possible. Keep reheating until it dissolves, and water becomes clear.
  4. After heating and mixing, loosely cover the container with a paper towel. It shouldn't be sealed, or left uncovered.
  5. Heat and humidity in the room can affect crystal growth due to the evaporation rate that creates the crystals. If it's humid, try using a small fan nearby (though not pointed directly at the container).
  6. Make sure the container is not bumped at all. Even a slight vibration could prevent the crystals from forming. It should remain totally undisturbed.

The good thing about this kit is that if the crystals are not to your liking, you can start the project over again.
Crystal growth will be random, both large and small sizes. If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your crystals, place everything back in the container and microwave for 1 minute. Stir to dissolve your crystals and start over.

Watch the Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry Instructional Video