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Gelatos - Features & Benefits

Gelatos the original multi-purpose medium is the "go to" color option for mixed media artist's and paper crafters alike! This dynamic medium is a compact, odorless, acid-free pigment stick that glides on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage. They blend easily with or without water and can be used on any porous surface. While we cannot divulge the exact formula of what the Gelatos are made of, they are a creamy, highly pigmented water-soluble medium.

Gelatos are very versatile!

  • Add water to create a mist
  • Mix with your favorite mediums
  • Combine to create new colors
  • Add water to create watercolors
  • Layer
  • Add shimmer
  • Highlight in journals, day planners and more!

Gelatos Are Perfect for Porous Surfaces
Faber-Castell Gelatos can be used on any porous surface. They are great for adding color and sheen to paper, canvas, chipboard, wood, fabric, ribbon journal boards and many other surfaces.

Fade Resistance & Permanency
Gelatos are resistant to fading under normal lighting conditions. However, some colors will have more noticeable fading than others. Gelatos are permanent once dry when used with water. When applied to a porous surface dry, the pigment is not erasable. They should not be expected to be permanent when applied to a non-porous surface, if they are not completely dissolved and dry. We suggest using a sealant to protect any surfaces to which Gelatos have been applied.

Gelatos On Fabric
Gelatos can be used on fabric, but we recommend using a sealant that is suitable for the surface which you are working on. When used on fabric or canvas Gelatos will be permanent in that they will stain the material. It is advised to perform a test on a swatch before applying to any finished work. We do not recommend laundering any items to which Gelatos have been applied. As different brands and mediums of art materials are formulated in different ways using different ingredients that may interact in a negative way, we always recommend testing the materials together before starting work to ensure you will achieve your desired result.

Dissolving Gelatos
To completely dissolve Gelatos, use warm to hot water and use the back of a spatula to "smash" all of the pigment fragments and mix until smooth.

Gelatos Dry Time
Drying time will vary depending on how heavily the Gelatos are applied, if they are used with a medium or water and the weather/humidity. You can use a hair dryer to speed the process along if you wish. The best way to tell if completely dry is to rub your finger over the surface and see if any color rubs off. When no color comes off, they are dry.

Gelatos On Vellum
Gelatos are water-soluble and dry permanently on a porous surface. For that reason, they are not permanent on vellum unless they are blended into a medium such as gel, glaze or gesso. However, as this creates a "wet" medium, it will cause vellum to curl.

Sealing Gelatos
When it comes to sealing Gelatos artwork, it generally depends on the application. A light application would be a basic watercolor technique. This could be sealed with a simple spray fixative. A heavy application would include some of our mixed media techniques. If there is a thicker application of Gelatos on the page, a gel medium or glaze would be recommended. The user should be careful when applying to avoid the Gelatos from smearing or moving on the page. We always recommend testing small samples to make sure you are achieving the desired result.

The Difference Between Gelatos & Gel Sticks
Our Playing & Learning Gel Sticks inspired the Gelatos products. We found that children and adults appreciated the ease of use, smooth application and versatility. However, only the Gel Sticks have been certified as a child safe product by the CPSIA. Our Gel Sticks are offered in a basic color palette of 12 colors and 6 metallic colors. Our Creative Studio Gelatos have a similar formulation, but are offered in many, many more colors and finishes that appeal to the hobby artist. The different colors and finishes that the Gelatos are offered in may slightly affect the product texture and appearance.