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Limited Edition 250th Anniversary Case

*Due to the high number of reports, we would like to confirm that we are not connected in any way to the offer of our 250th Anniversary Set, KARLBOX or Limited-Edition Cassette for as little as $29.90. The 250th Anniversary Set and KARLBOX were limited edition items dating back to 2011 and are no longer available. Our legal team is already taking action. We suggest you be careful with any suspicious offers and you can always check our available items via our website

In 2011 Faber-Castell released the 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Art & Graphic Wood Case Set. The special edition commemorated the milestone anniversary of the company.

The set included the complete color range of Polychromos Color Pencils, Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils, Polychromos Pastel Crayons, Pitt Pastel Crayons as well as Charcoal, Graphite and Monochrome products. The product was housed in an attractive wenge wood case with slide out drawers and brushed nickel hardware and retailed at $1,700.00.

A total of 1,761 cases were made available worldwide, a nod to the year Faber-Castell was founded - 1761. It came with a certificate and a serial number.

As you can imagine, this impressive collection sold out quickly and is no longer available.

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