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Faber-Castell 260 Years Old in 2021

For Faber-Castell the year 2011 was marked by an extraordinary event - the company's 250th birthday. Faber-Castell is thus one of the oldest industrial companies in the world and the oldest registered brand in the United States.

In particular it was Baron Lothar von Faber who left a lasting mark on the company in the 19th century. He is remembered as a pioneer of the brand-name article, who in creating his own trademark set a new standard that became a yardstick not just for this line of business but also for the generations who later headed the company: “From the start I was determined to raise myself to the highest rank by making the best that can be made in the whole world."

The decisive factor in the Faber-Castell success story remains as ever its efforts to make unique products with easily recognizable benefits that are clearly distinguished from the competition. “We shall continue to work passionately on rediscovering what our customers want and meeting those wishes, at the same time remaining true to our motto that will always have the highest priority in the future of our company: making ordinary things extraordinarily well.” - Count Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell celebrated its 250th anniversary with numerous events at key sites around the world. Download the anniversary magazine below.
Faber-Castell Anniversary Magazine

In 2021 Faber-Castell will celebrate 260 fascinating years! We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful company and look forward to many more years to come, offering creative products for people all around the world!